MAC Lipstick Collection 2017

I thought that for my first beauty related post, I’d go with a classic, my MAC lipstick collection. Now, I don’t have a massive amount of MAC lipsticks, I have six, but I’m going to be going into a lot of detail about each of the lipsticks, giving my very honest thoughts on them and giving a quite in depth review on each of them. Before I talk about each individual lipstick, I thought I’d just give you my opinion on MAC lipsticks in general. I think they are worth £16.50, they are great quality, the packaging is really nice, the shade range is amazing and the choice of finishes is great (my favourite finish is probably satin). I hope you enjoy this/find it helpful and let me know what MAC lipsticks you’ve got. I hope to see you back here next Sunday at 6PM for a new post!

Crème Cup – Cremesheen (light blue pink)
This was my first ever MAC lipstick which I bought about three years ago. I think it was the easy to wear pale pink shade, perfect for any occasion including school, that drew me to it and when I tried it on, I loved how comfortable it was on the lips. So as I’ve just said, it’s the kind of lipstick you could wear either during the day with a more natural makeup look or at night with a dark smoky eye, so it’s really versatile. Because of it’s blue undertones it would suit people with cool/neutral undertones best and I think it would suit people on the paler side a bit better. This lipstick has a cremesheen formula so it is really comfortable on the lips, it’s really creamy and it has a semi glossy finish. It has the perfect amount of pigment but because the formula is more creamy, it does need re-applying once or twice during the day but I don’t find that to be much of an issue. I think this would be a great first MAC lipstick for a lot of people and I think most people would find they get a lot of use out of it. I’m going to make a bold claim here, not only do I think this is my favourite MAC lipstick, I think it’s my favourite lipstick of all time.

Honeylove – Matte (light beige toned with rose)
I’ve had this lipstick for around two and a half years and I bought it because it was just a neutral, matte, light nude lipstick. It’s a great lipstick for wearing at any time with any makeup look. I wore it constantly through 2015 but at the moment, I’m not loving it much on it’s own because I feel like it doesn’t have much tone – it’s plain and it’s boring. It wouldn’t look awful on anyone but I think it would suit people with medium/olive skin tones a lot better. This lipstick has a matte formula which is very opaque and matte (obviously) but it’s not drying whatsoever. It is very pigmented and I don’t find myself having to reapply it throughout the day.  I think this lipstick would look great with a more dramatic eye look as it’s so neutral. Honestly, I wouldn’t repurchase this lipstick but I would recommend it to those with an olive kind of skin tone.

L-R: Crème Cup, Honeylove, Snob, Faux, Viva Glam II, Blankety

Snob – Satin (light neutral pink)
I bought this lipstick in a mad rush when I was in Paris about a year ago. I was literally in and out of the shop in less than five minutes and just randomly bought this lipstick. At first, I regretted it but now I’m so glad I bought it; it’s my go to pink lipstick. You may know snob as a difficult to wear lipstick because it’s a light/medium pink with a slightly lavender undertone – it’s essentially a Barbie pink. I agree that it is hard to wear for most skin tones but for people with paler skin and cool or neutral undertones, I think it’s beautiful. This lipstick has a satin formula which as I mentioned, is probably my favourite MAC formula. It’s opaque, long lasting and really comfortable on the lips. I find I generally don’t have to re-apply it throughout the day which is great. I think that if you like the look of a matte lipstick but don’t like the way they feel on the lips, you’ll love this formula. I love this lipstick and it’s my go to pink.

Faux – Satin (muted mauve-pink)
I bought this lipstick in the duty free at the airport last summer which only cost £13.70 (a saving of £2.80). I went in knowing I wanted a more feminine, grown-up nude shade and I came out with this. At first I didn’t like it much but now I absolutely love it – it’s one of my favourite lipsticks ever. I love this lipstick so much because it adds something to a natural everyday makeup look but it’s also a great shade to wear for a night out or special occasion. It’s a beautiful mauve-pink medium nude which I think would suit anyone. This lipstick has a satin finish, which as I’ve said is opaque, long lasting, really comfortable on the lips and I don’t tend to find myself re-applying it throughout the day. I adore this lipstick and it’s probably my favourite pink/nude shade ever. I would highly recommend this lipstick to anyone no matter what skin tone or colour you have – I promise it’ll look great.

Top-bottom: Crème Cup, Honeylove, Snob, Faux, Viva Glam II, Blankety

Viva Glam II – Satin (muted pink-beige with shimmer)
I bought this lipstick a few days before Christmas as my Christmas present to myself… (really kind of me, I know). When you buy a Viva Glam lipstick the full proceeds go to the MAC AIDS fund which is a great cause so in my mind I was giving money to charity and getting a lipstick for it, so it was totally okay to spend even more money. Anyway, I thought this was such a beautiful shade, quite similar to ‘Faux’ in the sense that it’s quite grown up, but it has no mauve in it. This lipstick was a really good purchase in my opinion because for me, I know I can put this lipstick on with any makeup look for any occasion and I know it’ll look good. It’s like the basic nude everyone needs but it’s by no means basic and that’s why I love it. This lipstick is a muted pink-beige/nude (with NO shimmer) which I think would suit most, if not all skin tones and colours. Again, it has the satin finish that I love which is opaque, long lasting, comfortable to wear and doesn’t need re-applying. This is a great lipstick, a total staple in my collection.

Blankety – Amplified Crème (soft pink beige)
I bought this lipstick in the duty free at the airport a couple of months ago and so it cost £13.70 and saved me a couple of pounds. I knew I wanted this lipstick before going in as I had seen so many people talking about it and it looked great on them. I didn’t look at the lipstick before buying it, I didn’t swatch it, I didn’t try it on, I just asked the person working there to get me it and I bought it (never will I allow myself to make a purchase at half four in the morning again). So I think it’s exactly the same colour as ‘Honeylove,’ a plain, boring nude with no tone whatsoever (on me). So again, it wouldn’t look bad on any skin tone because it’s nothing more than a nude, but it does look amazing on people with olive skin tones. I see it on so many people with medium skin tones and the look great with it on. This lipstick is an amplified crème so it’s very pigmented, opaque but it’s creamy and has a high shine finish (it’s not my favourite formula by any means). It is the kind of lipstick that’ll look good with any makeup but like ‘Honeylove,’ I won’t be repurchasing this, however it looks beautiful on olive skin tones.

Who I Am – 10 Somewhat Interesting Facts

I thought that before I got into recommending my new favourite lipstick, talking about topics I’m passionate about and of course discussing the things that enrage me more than anything, that I’d tell you a bit about who I am. I thought this way you’d be able to relate to me more and trust me, whether you’re trusting me on what foundation you should buy or that it’s not only you who dislikes 99% of the humans on this planet with a burning passion. Anyway, that’s a topic for another time. I’m going to tell you ten facts about me; but not the typical facts, because you don’t need to know my height and how many siblings I have – who actually cares? These ten facts are the kinds of things I’d want to know about someone else and there’s actually a chance you might find them interesting. Comment telling me a fact about yourself, enjoy this and I hope to see you back next Sunday for what I think will be a beauty related post.

  1. I am a part of an often misunderstood yet very powerful group in society. I’ll talk about this in a lot more detail another time, but as a group, I find we are often perceived as bitchy. But tell me how you could have all of this power and not use it in a negative way sometimes. As a whole we are the most powerful group in society and we are so passionate and enthusiastic about what we love and we love completely whole heartedly and open minded. I am a teenage girl and I couldn’t be prouder to be one.
  2. I was born and raised in the capital city of a 1st word country. I have always had everything I’ve ever needed and for this I feel so lucky and I’m so grateful for it. I’ve always been spoiled (by love and attention, not by material items although I’ve never been short of them) by my parents and older siblings – in my opinion, I’ve had a great upbringing. I thought this information might be good to know for when I’m discussing things in future posts.
  3. I’m an introvert. I’m not as introverted as some people are, but if we’re talking on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being very introverted and 10 being very extroverted, I would be a 4. I used to wish I was an extrovert but now I’m so happy to be an introvert. Some introvert ‘traits’ that I have are, I’m not a fan of small talk, I’d find it easier to talk to a crowd of a thousand people than to talk to people one on one who I don’t know, I LOVE being alone, the list goes on but I’ll talk about it in more detail another time.
  4. This may seem like a bit of a random and irrelevant fact, but I’m a Taurus. You probably think it’s irrelevant because you can’t relate to your sun sign but I’d recommend you look at your own birth chart to find out all of your signs and you’ll be able to relate more. This means I’m loyal, devoted and responsible but I’m also stubborn, possessive and uncompromising.
  5. I feel like I love music a lot more than the average person and it has a lot more meaning to me. Obviously I like some songs because of the way they sound but generally for me, what makes a good song is the lyrics (I like them to have meaning, preferably deep meaning) and the voice that’s singing them. Let me know if you’d like me to make a whole post on some of my favourite songs and I can guarantee there will be something you like as I have such a diverse taste in music and I listen to music of all genres.
  6. As I’ve already briefly mentioned, I’m so stubborn and uncompromising which aren’t the best traits as it must be extremely annoying for my friends and family but sometimes the traits do work in my favour because it means that I’m unlikely to end up doing something I don’t want to do and then regret it later. And because of this, if I say I’m going to do something, I’ll do it, I’m the least hypocritical person ever.
  7. I am a total geek and I’m not ashamed at all. I don’t dislike going to school at all (apart from the occasional exception of course) and I love academic subjects, especially sciences – the creative ones just aren’t my thing which is actually weird as I’m a creative person. I enjoy revising at home as well and getting good grades is just really important to me.
  8. As I’ve said, I will be doing beauty posts on this blog quite frequently, so you may have figured out that I love makeup. I’ve always been interested in makeup and when I was younger I always loved using my mum and older sister’s makeup. I started wearing a little bit of makeup when I was about 11 and since then I’ve been obsessed. Having said that, I only wear makeup about twice a week and rarely more than four.
  9. I’ve not found my passion yet. All of my friends have something and I’ve just never been interested in dancing or any kinds of sports. There’s just never been anything that I’ve enjoyed enough to sacrifice my alone time to do. But who knows, maybe this will end up being my passion.
  10. I’ve been given the ‘bitch’ label by my peers. I think I intimidate a lot of people because of my ‘resting bitch face’ and because I’m not afraid to comment on something I’m not happy about and I’ll stand with what I know is right. And that brings me to my next point, I don’t have a large amount of close friends as people are quick to judge. They see my label and don’t take the time to get to know me.

I hope you enjoyed those probably quite boring facts. Make sure you’re back next Sunday at 6PM!

Beauty and Brains

This is my little corner of the internet where I’ll be voicing my thoughts and opinions on topics I’m passionate about whether it be beauty, fashion or something society tells me I shouldn’t talk about. I’ll talk about and discuss anything I want, completely unashamedly, open-mindedly and with complete passion and enthusiasm. I’ll stand for things I hate and I’ll never stop preaching about the things I love. I want this to be not only a place for me to talk, but for you to be able to read what I have to say and to talk and discuss topics with me and others. This is our place in this world that can be so dismissive, make us feel like our passions are stupid and that we ourselves are worthless. Click here to privately contact me or leave a comment for everyone to see. Follow my blog to make sure you don’t miss anything. I’ll be posting once weekly at 6PM GMT/BST on Sundays.